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Electrical System Design

All our electrical plan and specification designs adhere to the latest U.L Standard, National Electrical Code and NFPA 70 requirements.


System Concept Design and Development

A strong design starts with a comprehensive understanding of the problem and a clear explanation of the process that needs to be controlled. With our expertise, we gather all essential information and develop carefully planned control specifications or sequence of operations for your process.


Control Panel Design

Following the control specifications, we develop an open architecture system (e.g., Ethernet LAN, OPC servers and clients) using cost-effective, high-quality products. These will seamlessly interface with your current products and allow for future expansion possibilities. User-friendliness and ease of operation are integral aspects. We generate precise AutoCAD drawings to facilitate a clear understanding of the design.


Software Programming

Application software is written to follow standard programming practices (e.g. relay ladder logic, IEC 61131) and meet specification requirements. Full documentation is provided for all programs for easy reference and service.


Panel Fabrication and Testing

Every panel is assembled in strict accordance with specifications, all applicable codes, and standards such as U.L, NEC, and JIC. Prior to shipping, thorough testing and simulations are conducted on all panels to minimize potential downtime.


Field Calibration, Setup, and Startup

As part of the startup process, a thorough verification and continuity check is performed on all field devices and I/O points to ensure they are within the design ranges. The system will startup and be tuned to meet functional and reliability requirements.


O&M and Documentation

We develop a detailed operation and maintenance (O&M) manual to ensure operational ease and maintenance service support.



Well-structured and detailed training are provided to fulfill client requirements.